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Monday, April 19, 2010


(photo AFP)
A little earthquake is shaking french football since yesterday.
Three players of National Team are called as witnesses in a prostitution case involving an under 18 girl.
Two of them are already known : Franck Ribery (we guess wife Wahiba is VERY happy) and Sidney Govou.
One of them admitted he had a long-term relationship with the girl but didn't know she was under 18. ( who the hell is having long-term relationships with hookers ?)
The story takes place in a Champs-Elysees bar called Café Zaman.
The alleged pimp is a guy named ABOU. He participated to the french version of American Idol a few years ago, but his lack of talent made him choose a new profession.
Here is the link of his myspace account if you wanna have fun :

This guy should be happy. He is not a famous singer but his name and pictures are everywhere as the french most famous prostitutes provider.
Congrats !! You made it !!!

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