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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who is Camelia ?

Do you remember her ?
(picture from
She was Karim Benzema best alibi in the Zahia shady affair

But the french newspaper Nice Matin is revealing a very strange new story about this woman.
She might be involved in a supposed agression project against french Olympique de Marseille player Loïc Rémy.

She used to live at his place in Nice and "organize parties" for the player, but things started to get bad when, according to the newspaper, she registered a complain for sexual assault against two friends of Loïc Rémy.

But the case was quickly dismissed by the police.

So the young woman made a plan with her mother to get revenge against the player and wanted to hire people to "broke his legs". 

It's going to be a very lively atmosphere in Equipe de France (french national team) where both Benzema and Rémy are fighting for the striker job.

Anyway, we guess we will hear a lot more about Camélia and her relationships with football in a very near future...

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