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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Marco Borriello Bis

Merci à de nous donner des nouvelles de Marco Borriello.
Il se confie à Vanity Fair et nous ne sommes pas déçues ;)
"Sex is very important because I am passionate…. I’m lucky to know that
if I
want it, I can have at any time. But I like traditional things, nothing
Being nice, wealthy and well-known, I find it normal to aim
high…[it's] not my
fault if 95% of Italy’s most beautiful girls aspire
to be
famous in show

A propos de Belen Rodriguez, son ex connue pour une certaine sex tape :

“When I met Belen she was an unknown model. Being with me gave
her more
visibility, but then again, her talent also helped her create a
career as a
showgirl herself.”

A propos de Fabrizio Corona, nouveau fiancé de Belen:

"I’m not jealous of Corona because what he has now, I’ve already had.”

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